About Us

Dr. Hill offers gentle, low-force Chiropractic care — with treatment protocols individualized for each patient.

Treatments may include a combination of adjustment techniques along with massage therapy, myofascial release, muscle stimulation, home exercises, custom orthotics and more.

Dr. Hill practices a wide variety of adjustment methods, including traditional hands on - diversified, activator, SOT, Thompson drop and active release technique (ART), which focuses on the muscle’s role in acute and chronic injuries. 

Dr. Hill will use the technique(s) most appropriate to each patient to set the joints in motion, which in turn helps restore balance, soft issue health, and structural integrity and function.

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Dr. Hill Offers:

  • Gentle, low-force techniques for the entire family.
  • Customized Treatment Plans
  • No first-visit X-rays
    (X-rays ordered ONLY as needed)