Sitka Chiropractor Allison Hill, DC

Sitka Chiropractor Allison Hill, DC


Dr. Allison Hill is a graduate of the Texas Chiropractic College and been practicing chiropractic for over 34 years. She has a National Board Certification in the American Registry of Radiological Technologists. She has post-graduate training in radiology, neurology and sports injuries. She is certified in the Cox Flexion distraction technique, the Nimmo technique, and Active Release Technique (ART).

Dr. Hill utilizes gentle, low-force and traditional "hands-on" chiropractic techniques. These include a combination of Activator, Diversified, SOT, and Thompson Drop.

In 1995, Dr. Hill moved to Alaska from Houston, Texas and started The Hill Clinic. In 2018, opened a solo practice in Sitka, Alaska on Halibut Point Rd. 

Today Dr. Hill enjoys helping athletes, weekend warriors and entire families regain optimal health and live active Alaskan lifestyles. 

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